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Breeding / For Sale
Keystone Pony Club


We try to do our best to give you and your horse a wonderful home:
  • Indoor Arena (deep, soft footing)
  • Outdoor Ring (soft sand + light)
  • Trail ride paths (alternatively with natural jumps, water)
  • All day or all night turn-out in herds
  • Stalls (with soft sawdust bedding and rubber mads)
  • All horses can be inside over night by too bad weather conditions
  • Stall cleaning twice a day
  • Sweet feed twice a day
  • Hay on a regular bases
  • Regular worming
  • Regular Vet-Checks, vaccination etc.
  • In case of illness or injuries, regular treating with medicine etc.
  • Farrier coming on regular bases
  • Regular hoofcare by Diane for barefooted horses
  • Place to hose your horse off
  • Place in the tack room
  • Possibility of having your horse groomed or shaved in front of shows etc.
  • Possibility of taking part in lessons or shows etc.
We hope to welcome you and your horse in our barn. For more details or if you have any questions, please contact Diane.

The Trailer, getting ready for a show day...

The Isle of the lower part of the barn

The Outdoor Ring

The Indoor Arena

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